Brian Nance

The 1st Ever Brian Nance Official release was June 6th 2011. The release was a track that was signed by a very influential pioneer of House Music and we're talking about Chicago's own Jesse Saunders. He signed Brian Nance first release called Da Mental Groove under the alias Briantech. This track was on Jesse Saunders Above the Clouds Compilation series.


Brian Nance wasn't finished there, he went on and and started his own Deep Tech House Dance imprint Tech22. While putting out some cool EPs along the way such as Da Rise Of Tech22 and others such as Deeperside of Tech22. In 2013 Brian Nance released a EP Called The Many Faces of Briantech and also a EP called For the Love Of My Lady EP which he was asked at that time to provide a Briantech Dj Chart for a very popular online digital store; What People Play.


And later as he progressed Brian Nance put various EPs out on other labels such as Nightscopedeep Recordings where a few were notably mentioned on Spirit of House Soulful Deep House Reviews like the Elevated Levelz EP and also the just recently Cyberjamz Record - It happened at Night the Brian Nance Lay it Down Remix.

Also Brian Nance Music has been Recently Charted by a Handful of Traxsource Charting Djs.