Kiko Navarro - Everything Happens For A Reason

Kiko Navarro is one of the producers we at SDR would like to give our praise too. We been a huge fan for years and dig Kiko`s eclectic approach to music. He got the ability to include so many aspects of the dance music culture into his productions, and both under his own name and the Koko moniker there is just class and true musicality in everything he does. Since Kiko just released his album Everything Happens For A Reason on BBE, we tried to make a little review of it here. To Kiko Navarro we give praise. hWah/Stellar Disco Records

"Everything Happens For A Reason is an album in the truest sense of what an album should be. When listening to an album it should take you on a journey, give you a sense of cohesiveness and meaning. Not many house albums really succeed with the album format. Everything Happens For a Reason does. From the balearic of Adolescence & Painful Goodbye, to the afrocuban rhythms of La Cosa and the flamenco inspired Lo Siento, to the subby spoken word on Humaniety ft D7, to the soulful tracks I Can Show You The Way and What We Need ft Dj Spen, to the masterpiece cover of Maze`s Twillight, cleverly incorporating hints of tech and acid in his productions, Kiko takes us on a journey that surpases the borders of land, men, genres and time. Just ESSENTIAL LISTENING! Full support from hWah (Plastik People/Stellar Disco/Cyberjamz/Vier)"

#KikoNavarro #EverythingHappensForAReason

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