The mentor...Addvibe

Without Addvibe, also known as Lux Experience, I would probably not have started dj`ing, which lead to booking/promoting for clubs, which finally led to production. So naturally I got to give thanks to Addvibe.

As a young man of 19 I went to this rock club, and found not rock, but a dj (which I had never seen before, I grew up on a small island of only 1800 inhabitants) that played electronic music. Or rather it was deep house. Proper US deep house. And the dj was scratching on top of the music.

I was fascinated and started looking out for more new musical experiences. Addvibe turned up in more than one context, with his own parties or at this small club calles Yaz`n. He and the community included me, and finally I started buying vinyl. In 2000 the Addvibe album Luv & Happiness came out on Disfunction Records. I was hooked, and I dont think it ever left my record bag.

Alongside becoming a mentor in all kind of dance releated music, we became good friends over the years and shared personal stuff with women, kids, marriage, divorce and all the things good friends share. And we went on to become hiking friends as well, going in to the mountains to embrace the solitude only found miles and miles away from people.

Addvibe is still to this day one of my top 5 dj`s in the world. An exceptional joy for music, dope technical skills and a selection that is second to non. If you book him I promise you wont get dissappointed. As a producer he has evolved and adapated but has kept true to his sound. Still a favorite!

In his latter part of his carrier Addvibe started doing edits as Lux Experience, which has done very well. He alos runs Vier Deep Digital, which we co-started together. Vier has done very well. I encourage everyone to check out his cataloge as both Addvibe and Lux Experience. He as gotten massive response and feedback from industry leaders on either moniker, and deservedly so.

SDR gives praise to Addvibe. Thanks buddy.

#addvibe #luxexperience #luvhappiness

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