Its that time of the week...DSOH

Another huge inspiration has been the weekly Deeper Shades Of House show. Closing in on 600 shows now. For the last three years now the show has been broadcasted live on video as well. Lars Behrenroth has made the geniuos stroke of creating a brand with DSOH, without selling out. Its always been about quality music. I have been addicted for years, but have had periods where i followed more closely than others ofcourse, as life got its twists and turns. But Im always coming back to DSOH to check out whats what on the underground scene. So many discoveries has been made, and so many favorite tracks was first heard on DSOH.

Lars also is a great producer and has releases on a impressive number of dope labels like; Freerange, Compost, Sonar Kollektiv, Liebe*Detail etc. He has also remixed artists such as Atjazz, Robert Owens, Liquideep, Dubtribe Sound System, MJ Cole, Arnold Jarvis, The Rurals, Beyonce, Sven Weisemann, Tamara Wellons, Rocco, Black Coffee, among others.

I am happy to have been able to communicate with Lars now and then over the past few years, which I feel very honored about, as I know a lot of people want t get in touch for so many reasons. I also do admire the courage Lars displays when showing his true colors when it comes to important issues, even though he know it might cost him a lot of fans. Recently standing up for the gay community for instance. Respect!


For all those hours of deep inspiration, thank you Lars.

SDR gives praise to DSOH and Lars Behrenroth.

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