Slotta srarted his musical journey as a vocalist(which he still is). From way back in 2008 he used to hang around Subjamz studios and watch the master. Ofcourse he would ask about what Subjamz was doing and he imparted his knowledge to Slotta. In 2011, doing his second year he bought a laptop and installed fruityloops. He started out making hiphop beats because the Vaal had many a underground scene so he honed his skills.

Deep down Slotta knew deephouse was calling and he started adding more genres to his collection and within 9 months he felt confident with his work to a point where he started doing bootleg remixes and sent them to the original owners who dismissed them. Early 2012 he sent his stuff to a renowned s.a label (Soul Candi) who declined his submission citing that it was not what they were looking for at the moment.

Slotta didnt let that stop him and continued to broaden his horizons. Deeper Shades was the next option and he sent again original out. Lars Behrenroth got back and a gave constructive feedback that Slotta followed up on. The
rest is history as his EP was released in 2016 under DSOH Records. He further did some remixes under DSOH for a track called "I Miss The Things",  and a new track called "Love Hold On",  remixed by Satoshi Fumi! 

He he is due for new releases anytime soon. New projects under Antidote Music (sz), and on our very own Stellar Disco Records.

Also he is remixing a track by Tshego (sa) thanks to Motherland X, who hosted the innaugural Beatscramble, a beat competiton he won in 2017,  then some local remixes dropping as well.

Slotta is one to watch!