DEADLINE: 13th of November 2017

ACCEPTED GENRES: Classic, jackin, deep soulful house, afrohouse, broken beats.

TRACKS: Audiotechnica and Taming The World

BPM: Audiotechnica 124 / Taming The World 123

KEY: Audiotechnica - d minor / Taming The World - a minor



1st price winner will receive a cash price of 75 Euros, and the enitre Sample From Mars library worth over $700. The winner remix will be featured as a part of the Audiotechnica EP. The 1st price winner will get an artist profile on under our remixers section. 

2nd price winner will receive 25 Euros, and the entire drum library from our partner Samples From Mars worth ca $300. The winner remix will be featured as a part of the Audiotechnica EP. The 2nd price winner will get an artist profile on under our remixers section.


1. Music genres:

   · For this specific contest we accept only genres that follow the label policy.  Accepted genres are; classic, jackin, deep & soulful, afro house and broken beats. 

2. Who can participate in the contest ? :

   · This contest is an exclusive UMPG event. Which means UMPG members only can           enter.

3. Who will select the Contest Winners?

   · The 1st price winner will be voted upon by the UMPG community. Voting period will         be between the 14th of November through the 18th of november. A private                       soundcloud playlist will be available on UMPG and likes will count as votes.

   · The 2nd price winner will be voted by Samples From Mars and Stellar                               Disco Records.

4. What sounds can I use?

· You can use whatever sounds you use with these restriction; 2 sounds from the remix      kit must be used. No restrictions on how you process or what you do creativly with the    stems. 2 sounds from our partner Samples From Mars`s free sample packs must be        used. Specify in the "notes" what sounds you have used from the remix kit and the free    SFM sample packs.

· Be submitting your remix you state that you own the rights to all other sounds used to      make your remix except for the sounds from the Samples From Mars free sample            packs and the official remix kit.

5. Where do I access the remix kit and the free sample packs from Samples From Mars?

· Samples From Mars; go to                                        - check the Free Samples section.    Follow the steps to get the pack(s) you like. You can also find the free pack to the left      by clicking on the pictures of; 101 Drums, Free 606, MPC60, Analog Yape Synths ,          Free SP, Databenders Toolkit, and Freedrums.

· DL Audiotechnica remix kit;    

· DL Taming The Word remix kit;    

6. Where do I send my finished remix?

 · Only submissions sent through our demobox will be accepted.

   Find it here: 

7. File formats for entering and for the winner remixes.

· Only submit MP3 192-320 kbps files into our demobox

· Winners must send a premastered wav file at -6db peak no later than 3 days after           being notified by Stellar Disco Records.

8. Do I have to master my Track?


· In case you are one of the Contest Winners your remix will be professionally                    mastered by our mastering studio partner Oakfield Mastering in Germany.

9. Where will my remix be released in case of a win?

· Your winning remix will be released on the Audiotechnica EP by Ronald Overby              alongside the original music. They will be available for sale worldwide on all major          stores such as Traxsource, Beatport, Junodownload, What People Play, iTunes,              Spotify, Tidal and many others.

· Stellar Disco Records reserve the right to release your remix on our own compilations,    and to license it to a third party.


10. Can I share my track during or after the contest ?

· Sharing of your remix submission in any digital outlet during the contest will lead to          disqualification.

· Sharing of your remix submission on your Soundcloud or Heartthis will be allowed          from the date of the official release. We permit you to set a 100 free download quote.      Distribution outside these terms are strictly forbidden.

· It is strictly forbidden to send your remix to other labels.

11. Can I use samples from the remix kits or the free sample packs in other productions?

· All the sample packs from Samples From Mars are royalty free, so yes you can use        them in future productions.

· The use of our remix kits for other productions are strictly forbidden without a written      permission from Stellar Disco Records.

12. How should I name my remix?

· Please name your remix: OG - Ronald Overby (Remixer Name)

13. What does the originals sound like?

· Use this link to preview the original tracks:

14. Grant of rights.

· By submitting your remix to us, and if you are picked as one of the two winners, you        have granted Stellar Disco Records the rights to release, re-release and license your      remix for 3(three) years counting from the date of the official release Audiotechnica EP    by Ronald Overby. No other compensation than the official prices will be made out to      the winners. 

15. I am one of the winners, what should I do now ?.

· Please contact Stellar Disco Records via email

· Attach a picture for our remix section and a short bio. Also all relevant SM links.


16. Where do I access the remix kit and the free sample packs from Samples From Mars?

· Samples From Mars; go to                                         - check the Free Samples section.    Follow the steps to get the pack(s) you like.

· DL Audiotechnica remix kit;    

· DL Taming The Word remix kit;    

Start of the Contest: 22nd of October 2017

End of the Contest: 13th of November 2017

We are so proud to have partnered up with SFM for this contest. 

Samples From Mars makes high quality kits for Ableton, Logic, Reason, Kontakt, Battery, Maschine and MPC.

All samples are recorded through high quality hardware for that extra grit and spark.

Popular titles like are; MPC60 From Mars, SP1200 From Mars, 606-707-808-909 From Mars, Tape Drums From Mars, Vintage Synths 1&2, 101 From Mars, 2600 From Mars, Modular Creations, WASP From Mars and many more. 

The SP1200 From Mars is a personal favorite with us at Stellar Disco Records but so much other gold to be found from the excellent guys from Samples From Mars. 

Please check out their free sample packs to get a taste of what to expect.